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Evolution of FireNews

March 2012

Thank you for taking the time to read this new issue of FireNews Magazine. In this third issue (March 2012), we are taking a different approach to how we present you the article. After three weeks of voting, and after many votes, you told us that the this issue must be in HTML5/CSS3 format instead of our original idea of a PDF magazine.

So...What’s New?

First, this entire magazine is powered by HTML5 and CSS3. Thanks to the numerous tutorials and books out there about HTML5 and CSS3, we were able to make this wonderful magazine framework enhanced with some wonderful CSS and Javascript tricks.

Next, we are creating not just a magazine layout, but a framework. We plan to use this framework (with a few tweaks here and there) for the upcoming issues for FireNews. Furthermore, the magazine is designed to make it easier for you to read and surf through. You can use the pagination on the right to surf through the different pages, the social icons below to connect with us.

Finally, the magazine is responsive! We designed this magazine to adapt to different browser resolutions and tablets. As designers we know very well that all monitors nor budgets are equal. We wanted to provide the best possible display to you as possible. That is why we took advantage of the wonderful responsive skeleton by Dave Gamache. Now you can shink your browser size and not have to worry about the text or images getting cut off.

Wondering what the new sections are? Don’t worry, we won’t make you surf through all the different sections to find out. Instead, for your convenience, here is a small outline of what the current and future FireNews sections/topics will be:

  • A welcome message from the staff.
  • Fireworks site of the month.
  • Our freebie of the month.
  • Some amazing freebies by Fireworks designers.
  • Featured extension as explained by the developers themselves.
  • A list of popular tweets from Twitter.
  • Featured interviews from FireWorksInterviews.com
  • A list of popular tweets from Twitter.
  • Dribbble shots of the month.
  • Prize of the month.

Have a topic that you want covered in the next issue of FireNews Magazine? Tell us and we’ll put it up for voting. Email your ideas to firenews@fwpolice.com. We are also looking for articles. If you have a written piece, send it to us and we will try to run it on the next issue if we find it fitting.

We FireWorks

FWPolice Projects

The goal of the FWPolice team is not to make just another project, rather, help the Adobe Fireworks community grow. To make this goal a reality, we work around the clock to provide our visitors with free downloadable content, tutorials, recognitions and live help. Then we decided to take a step further and release a public support project. But that’s not the end of our work. Here are a few more projects we have lined up.

CS6 Launch Party

The Adobe CS6 rumour mill is growing. After having Photoshop CS6 beta available for download, many are asking "will there be a Fireworks CS6?" Fireworks is adored and loved by millions of users throughout the world and a software Adobe will think dozens of times before considering to stop its development. With that said, we welcome the wonderful guessing game that the Fireworks team has put up for the release. It just makes us want to get it more. What’s more, we want to host a launch part.

Today we are proud to announce a collaboration project between Fireworks Interviews and FWPolice that we call Adobe Fireworks CS6 Launch Center. The project is nearing completion and the final details will be provided by Linus via Twitter.

A Proud User

If you use Adobe Fireworks daily for you work, you probably want to tell the world that you are a proud user. So for a user like you, we are happy to introduce a new project that we call the Fireworks Userbase. This project is a simple snap and upload wall, where Fireworks users can take a picture using our web-based photobooth and upload a picture of themselves to display to the wall.

So what are you waiting for? You can start snapping your picture right now!


In the last issue of FireNews (Issue 2), we announced our latest project, IamFireworks. After which we gave users a link to sign up for our one-week private beta which then turned into a public beta the week after. After a month of testing and fixing bugs that have been reported, we are happy to announce that IamFireworks will be coming out of beta and into stable release.

For those of you who don’t know, IamFireworks is a project designed by the FWPolice team to bring the free resources community to one location. With that as our objective, we were somewhat successful. Though we did get reports from users and visitors, it seems that Fireworks users are either confused with the purpose of the site or are afraid to share. For April, the FWPolice team will be dedicating some of our time working on helping IamFireworks grow. We want it to be the one place for all Adobe Fireworks resource and will work hard to make it real.

Shots From Dribbble



About Dribbble

To some Dribble is another design community to others; but to those who actually use it, it is the modern way of grabbing attention of other designers and perspective clients. Unlike other design communities, Dribbble provides sneak peaks, or as they call it "shots" of your project. You get to show and tell, promote, discvoer and explore other designs. Does it still sound like just another design community to you? Hope not.

Get Invited!

One of the biggest dilema and a big marketing success with Dribbble is their invite-only system. In order to use Dribbble to its full capability, you will need to be recruited by another member. Like with basketball (the sport that inspired many of its terms) you can show your skills, but eventually, if you want to play in the pro, you will need to be recruited. We admit it’s quite hard but there are many designers out there that have spare invites available.

designed by us

Floral Firdays

Floral Fridays is designed to provide you with a framework for a flower store. The theme is designed using simple combination of pink, purple and white; colors that complement each other well. This layered design comes with two pages: 1. Front/home page and 2. Products page. Download File

Simple Social

Social icons help us spread the word of our latest product and/or project. Here is a set of simple social icons that we, as designers, use often. Inspired by Richard Tabor’s work, the background of each icons are semi-transparent to help it blend in with any project. Download File


Do you feel the need for speed? We do too! But the closest we could get to racing you is learning how to make this sexy odometer icon in Adobe Fireworks by following this wonderful tutorial by Tiago, the newest member of FWPolice. So buckle up and start clicking! Read the Tutorial

Site of the Month

Winner of March 2012
Site of the Month

There is a big difference between designing and developing. Designing is the primary step for web development without which the development process becomes a living nightmare. In short, designing helps organize and prepare for the developing process. Today we are going to take a look at a website that was designed in Adobe Fireworks and is now standing tall as a creative masterpiece on the web. This month’s site of the month is Webportio.

Judges Design UX Content Tech.
Linus 9 8 10 8
Hannah 9 8 9 9
Sazzad 9 8 10 8

Judging criterias: 1. Design: judges the creativity and quality of slices and images. 2. UX: judges the user experience (structure and usability). 3. Content: judges the quality of the content. 4. Technicality: judges the external usage (i.e. mobile view and reputation).

Leanring Fireworks

Free resources for Adobe Fireworks

Why not Learn?

Though you can learn from reading a book, nothing beats the first hand experience. Here are a list of wonderful resources (tutorial and freebies) that we collected from the web. When you use these resources, keep in mind that these are provided to teach you. Don’t just use these freebies, try to duplicate them by learning from the techniques applied. If you don’t understand why a certain layer, texture or effect was applied, you can always ask the author or the Fireworks community. We’re here to help you.

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise stated on the owners site, all downloadable content listed on this section are licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. For you to use these you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the original author (buton no in any way that suggest that they endorse you or your use of the work). Furthermore, if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

FW Interviews
Designer of the Month

This months designer of the month is Gianluca Divisi. Gianluca is a talented UI and icon designer from Rome, Italy. For his day job he specilizes in designing logos, icons and user interfaces for rich media applications, websites and mobile devices.

Dribbble     Deviantart     Twitter

Seeing a designer’s work is one thing, but learning about the designer is even better. From learning about a designer you can understand the techniques and software they use to make their masterpieces. Here are a few things that our friends from FireworksInterviews asked him during an interview:

How long have you been using Fireworks?

I work with Fireworks from almost ten years now and I use it every day since version Macromedia Fireworks MX (2002) until now. My top 5 features are 1. Complete and powerful vector tools along with painting tools; 2. Stackable layer effects; 3. Pages, States and Layers; 4. Export formats; and 5. Ability to open psd files without losing no layers and filters.

Why do you choose Fireworks?

Pages, layers, folders, and states are indispensable. Fireworks is unique, has all the tools I need. I do not need to use other applications like those working in Photoshop is also forced to use Illustrator. With "Fireworks", I have everything that I need, I not have to spend a lot of money on expensive plugins as some Illustrator users.

Work by Gianluca

~ ~ Twitter Says It All ~ ~
Tweets we Loved

It’s All About Fireworks
Adobe CS6 development almost over, Public Beta to launch soon. http://goo.gl/mDaqE @chunwui (Tweet)
Google Chrome UI for #adobefireworks to improve your website presentations - http://goo.gl/8qlzs @tiagocamargo (Tweet)
#AdobeFireworks extension: QuickClips http://bit.ly/GNyqg8 I released this 5 years ago today. How time flies! @fwextensions (Tweet)
Finished the writing last night for ch 12. Today, it’s screen grab city. #adobefireworks and hi-fi prototyping - awesome combo! @JimBabbage (Tweet)
Adobe Fireworks CS5 and CSS | End of Line Magazine | How to Guides http://www.endoflinemag.com/how-to-guides/366 @endoflinemag (Tweet)
What is your favorite feature or enhancement you like in Fireworks CS5? #adobefireworks @chunwui (Tweet)
The best app for photos is called Photoshop. Why is the best app for web design not called Webshop? #adobefireworks @NikCA (Tweet)
A bit upset that @Adobe launched #Photoshop CS6 beta but not #AdobeFireworks CS6. #disappointed @FWPolice (Tweet)

Get Listed

Every month we feature some tweets that we either find inspirational or informative. To get your tweet featured on this page, all you have to do is tweet your message using the hashtag #AdobeFireworks. Our staff will then select tweets they find suited for this page.